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Message from the Transformational Officer

Dear Liberians and Friends of Liberia,
We will like to welcome you to the Vision for Liberia Transformation (VOLT) Party.  This party was birthed and engineered on the principal of human rights and the respect of human dignity with an aspiration to transform Liberia to a wholesome society.  Visionaries of the VOLT Party bring you an institution that understands every social, political, and economic language of our land.  As you read this welcome statement, do believe that you have moved one step closer to seeing a transformed Liberia.

The Vision for Liberia Transformation Party is an emerging political institution that plans to contest in the presidential and legislative elections of Liberia in 2017.  As you may not be aware, Liberia, after her existence as an independent nation for the past 166 years, is yet to produce a sound leadership that seeks the common good of its citizens.  With several administrations that have come and gone, the country is somewhat today, amid derogatorily, recognized for the following:  a nation with the highest infant mortality rate in the world, a nation with the highest maternity death rate in the world, a nation with shrinking lifespan, second corrupt nation in the world, a nation with substandard educational system,  second poorest nation in the world in which most citizens live on less than a dollar a day despite its endowment with natural resources and the flooding of foreign investors whose activities in the country should be catalysts  to the emancipations of many common citizens from the culture of poverty.

We in the VOLT Party believe there are systemic problems and deficit in Liberian Leadership that needs to be fixed.  Due to the countless problems of our country and the perpetual government’s failure to unite the country so citizens can solve the nation’s many problems in unity, we are pleased to introduce to you the Vision for Liberia Transformation (VOLT) Party.  This party will strive to bring every political subdivision in the country under one umbrella.  Despite our diversity in ethnicities or languages we speak locally, our political, social, and economic status, we hold the truth that the nation can enhance unity in diversity.  The Vision for Liberia Transformation Party believes that a Liberia with sound leadership that believes in accountability and provision of better services for the common good of citizens can lead to citizens’ collaboration and cooperation and innovations in the process of nation building.  The VOLT Party finds qualifying truths in unity without uniformity and accepts diversity without fragmentation.

This party was engineered to meet every citizen of Liberia to where he or she is socially, economically, politically, to provide opportunities that will maximize his or her potential so that he or she can be able to climb the social ladder and be free from the culture and trap of poverty.  We in the VOLT Party are aware that Liberians are overwhelmed with the proliferations of political parties in the country. Equally, we know that a new wine cannot be identified in old bottle. An old wine placed in new bottle cannot have different taste.  It is with this simple logic of change that the VOLT Party was birthed as a new wine in its own peculiar bottle with its own flavor that will quench social (health & education), political and economic thirst. Taste this new wine for yourself; it will satisfy your thirst of national cohesiveness that will lead to a true independence.

We would like to urge every Liberian and friends of Liberia, those Liberians whose children will tell them about the VOLT Party by words of mouths in forgotten villages of Liberia, those Liberians who circumstances have placed them in “wonderlands” around the globe, as well as those who are opportune to read this welcome statement that our stories of dreaded poverty are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of Liberian leadership is at hand.  The choice is clear. We Liberians can continue with the same idea that has resulted to political demagogues and their economic vampires enriching themselves out of our natural endowments, or we can join a team of change agents that shares the pain you continue to feel and is willing to share the responsibility with you in alleviating the pain.

Thank you! God bless Liberia, the sweet land of liberty.
Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe

Team of Dedicated and well-meaning Liberians-

Our five primary goals
   *  Poverty reduction
   *  Primary and Secondary
   *  Universal healthcare
   *  Manufacturing
   *  Development




3rd street, Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia

Tel. 011 231 777560469,

011 231 777286141



19 Chapel Ridge Circle # B

Marion, IA 52302

Tel. 312 909 8025, 763 568 5772

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