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Whereas; realizing that challenges to post-conflict leadership in Liberia highlights the need for a new political order and democratic capacity building, with clear participatory processes involving communities and the leadership as a necessary condition to mitigate new or resurrected conflicts, and

Whereas; it is our argument that community capacity building through grassroots leadership is a necessary and sufficient ingredient for the development and sustenance of democracy in post-conflict Liberia and that reconciliation through an effective justice system, a people-centered democratic governance, political reforms including decentralization, and the empowerment of women and underserved communities as critical variables in this process characterize a transformational agenda to achieving gradual stability and tackling mainstream ills in Liberia, and

Whereas; dilemmas of an inept government, justice and democracy have made transformative leadership in Liberia to digress at both state and grassroots levels and that national leadership at the so-called ‘big man’ style where decision making over the distribution of resources, power, and authority is exclusively controlled by the president thus, a compelling need for revisiting our laws, constitution and policies, and

Whereas; in this 21st Century, the emerging Liberian political and democratic paradigm must reflect a new system of utilitarian governance that provides basic social services to its people, prioritizes Liberia’s critical infrastructures and key resources, fight, head on all corrupt institutions and individuals that have and continue to impede national development, institutionalize a national policy based on the rule of law and the dispensation of equal justice regardless of class, status, political, tribal or religious interest, and

Whereas; cognizant that Liberia cannot remain a stigmatized nation occasioned by bad governance, elitism, corruption, family cronyism, with glaring marginalization of majority of its people where established institutions serve cosmetic purposes, where utterances for change are inherent in mere posturing, where public outcry against societal ills are baffled and ignored and where, in the midst of global technological advancement Liberia remains an old-fashion state, and

Whereas; realizing that the 15 years civil crisis and its accompanied destruction that devastated the country MUST NEVER be repeated because of government’s failure to provide an effective governance system that seeks to:

  1. fight societal ills and corruption through an effective justice system, reduce poverty and ensure the equity distribution of national wealth,
  2. address decelerating health systems & improve economic conditions through job creations,
  3. increase agriculture and food production,
  4. refine and redesign an educational system parallel to international standards,
  5.  focus on rural development and increase a participatory process of governance,
  6. Laws and constitutional reforms and an improved security system necessary to determine a new order;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that we, a Concern Group of Liberians residing in Liberia and abroad do hereby consummate, render, prescribe, congregate, and constitute ourselves into a body politics known and styled as THE VISION FOR LIBERIA TRANSFORMATION Party, hereinafter referred to as VOLT, to engage in all political activities in the Republic of Liberia pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, registered and incorporated under the laws of Liberia and to address the following:

  1. Political and economic structures and infrastructures to be restarted or reformed.
  2. Provision of basic social services to poverty stricken and underserved communities
  3. Aggressive resuscitation and/or construction of Liberia’s critical infrastructures and key resources (CIKR)
  4. Establishment of a utilitarian-“people Centered” democracy, and
  5. To engage in all other activities, local and international for peace and democracy, economic efficiency and people empowerment………………….., and

Do hereby submit this Resolution to the National Election Commission, pursuant to its Legislative Enactment and its internal policies for the recognition of VOLT as a registered political party.

Done under our hands this ____day of _________,in the city of _______, Republic of Liberia AD 2013.


Hon. Gus A. Winn

National Chairman

Mr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe


Hon. Samuel N. Brown


Hon. Chris Chiewolo


Hon. Emmanuel Yarl





Affixed: Seal of VOLT

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